What it's all about?

This is the place to find out which motorsports events are coming up in the future. Currently the events listed are mostly those suitable for street cars - proper race car events may be added later.

Western Australian events are all that matter at this stage, so if you're looking for events in other locations, you'll need to look elsewhere.

What do I do?

As little as possible. But if you know of an event that isn't on the calendar page, send me details and a link to the event's website so that I can add it to the calendar.

WA Motorsport links

At the moment the calendar only shows you what's on, and when. For more detailed info about the events you should visit the organizers' websites. There's a link to most of the organizers if you follow the link below.

There's also links to other sites that motoring enthusiasts may find interesting.

Legal stuff

All info on this website is sourced form other websites, so you need to confirm with the organizers all the details. In other words, don't blame me if you turn up to an event and it isn't on.
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